Going by the name of "Lady Bird", the outspoken Catholic high school senior student, Christine McPherson, is dreaming big of finally leaving her hometown of Sacramento, practically on pins and needles to attend a sophisticated New York City college. However, with her average grades and her family struggling to keep afloat, attending a public university closer to home would be a lot cheaper and safer, especially after last year's devastating 9/11 attack. In the end, amid grades, numerous college applications, a blooming teenage sexuality, and a strong-willed mother who is a real mother hen, Lady Bird must find a way to make her dreams happen. Can she survive life's bumps and cracks?

Genre: Drama / Komödie
Regie: Greta Gerwg
Darsteller: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts
Land: USA 2017
Filmstart: 19.04.2018
FSK: 0
Länge: 94 Minuten